We’ve all heard the news reports.  Everyone is aware of the situation with the Coronavirus, yet the situation remains fluid so we want to keep you informed.  Here’s the latest information we want you to be aware of as a member or guest of our church.

C3 Men’s Journey- April 24th and 25th
We are so excited to offer C3 Men the opportunity to participate the The Journey’s 20th anniversary! This year the men’s conference will take place at the Athens Y Camp, and is open to men 13-113.  For more information, or to register, click HERE.

90 Day Tithe Challenge-Now through May 30th

We invite you to take your next step towards FULL LIFE in Jesus.  If you’re tired of stressing out about money, then it’s time to do it God’s way.  God’s answer to your money problems is to put Him first. Are you up to the challenge?

Find out more information HERE