The Real Men Group is strong and vibrant. We celebrate our brotherhood of believers and band together as we navigate through the storms of life.

Some of us are executives, business owners and other office or outdoor laborers. Many are students, artists, designers, and actors. A few are loud. Most are quiet and a handful are painfully shy. Whether young in age or just young in heart, all of us are bold in our faith because we know that Jesus is the source of our strength.

As men, we take risks. Fear of being wrong or criticized no longer binds us to inaction. Embarrassment of failure no longer holds us back because we know that we don’t step out alone. We step together, as brothers, boldly in faith. Isolation from others is no longer your only option, because hope can easily die out when we’re separated from other godly men in our lives.

We are inclusive – you will be welcomed to share in each other’s hopes, dreams, failures and weaknesses. Together, we can build great lives and be challenged to grow in our relationship with God.

Real Men meet quarterly for awesome events called “Huddles”, and we have an annual conference called The Journey. See the church events calendar for details.

Our Vision and Mission For Men

  • To experience the freedom that lets each man face life’s challenges with others and not alone
  • To bond in lifelong relationships that are authentic, honest and transparent
  • To become stronger men relationally, physically, mentally and spiritually through coaching

Our Values

  • Christ-centered connections with new friends
  • Integrity-driven coaching as a disciple of Christ
  • Serving God in meaningful ways with humility