God is on the move, and we’re very excited to share what’s happening next in the life of C3 Church!  Here is the “reveal” video that we showed on VISION BUILDER SUNDAY, October 20, 2019 – our future AUDITORIUM SPACE! As stated before, this project will take approximately 18-24 months to complete, and there’s still lots to be done.  Our first step is to sign contracts with the right architect, which we hope to accomplish by Thanksgiving 2019.  After that, we have to select the building contractor to begin the ground-breaking process (and we’ve already met with three great organizations).  It’s an exciting time for our church!  Please be aware this video doesn’t necessarily reflect (exactly) what the new auditorium space is going to be.  This video rendering is only meant to create an idea or image of what’s possible for our future auditorium.  Of course, it’s our heart and desire to create the highest level of quality and excellence as we walk through this process together.  THANK YOU for your generosity as Vision Builders!  We’re so grateful for every member of C3 Church.  If you want to learn more about what it means to become a Vision Builder, please visit the Vision Builder FAQ section on this page!

Vision Builders FAQ

What is Vision Builders?

Vision Builders is a capital stewardship program designed to help members of C3 Church
connect to a greater sense of purpose and mission in their spiritual walk. While tithes and offerings help finance the daily operations of church life, we ask Vision Builders to go “above and beyond” their tithe to help finance the GROWTH of the church! Ultimately, this gets accomplished by members prayerfully bringing their resources and finance into the house of God “above and beyond” their current level of giving. This is what it means to be a Vision Builder!

Why are we doing the Vision Builders campaign?

There are thousands of people in our community who do not yet know Jesus, and it’s our vision to become a community influencing church that brings people into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Can the church count my tithe (or other giving) as my contribution toward the Vision Builders

Unfortunately, no. Capital stewardship campaigns rely on church members aligning their hearts and minds on things above, thereby offering gifts that go “over and above” their present level of giving.

How long do I have to complete my commitment for Vision Builders?

While we ask that you maintain your commitment for at least one year, being a Vision Builder means you’ve taken the step to financially contribute on an on-going basis.

Are my contributions to Vision Builders tax-deductible?

Yes. All Vision Builders contributions will be reflected on your year-end giving statement at the end of each calendar year. You may request a tax receipt at any time by contacting the finance department at C3 Church.

Can my commitment be revised?

Yes, your commitment can be revised should your circumstances change.

Pledge Card FAQ

Do I need to fill out everything on the card?

YES.  Address, Email, Credit Card Number/CVV/Expiry(if applicable – see below), etc. This helps us ensure everything is up to date.

What happens to my previous pledge?

The 2018 ‘Ripple Effect’ pledge period has now ended, however, all autodebits will continue as is unless specifically cancelled or replaced. Please fill out a pledge card, even if your pledge amount is the same as the previous year.

(If you did not complete your previous year’s pledge and would like to, simply include that amount on this year’s card)

What if I want to give manually via check/cash/online?

No problem! Simply write ‘will give manually’ in place of the credit card number.

Can I sign myself up for autodebit on tithe.ly?

Absolutely! Just write ‘have set myself up on tithe.ly’ in place of the credit card number. It is actually the most beneficial for you to do this, because you are empowered to make your own changes/update expiry dates, etc.

How do I work out the ‘Start Date’?

‘Start Date’ is the date you would like your autodebit to begin.  If you already have an autodebit day/date that works for you, please write the corresponding start date on your pledge card to keep it the same.  e.g. if your current autodebit comes out on Mondays, your start date would be 10/21/19. If it is normally on the first of the month, write 11/1/19.

What about my ‘One Time’ Gift?

One Time Gifts listed on the pledge card will be assumed to be processed the same way you elect to give for your commitment, unless noted otherwise on the card.  E.g. if you have provided your credit card number, that card will be run for the One Time Gift up to 3 days after VB Sunday.